Samsung Galaxy S3 Software/Firmware Update June 2012

June 12, 2012

Hi all,

Just noticed the little Software Update icon appear in my notifications bar telling me an update was available.. I cannot find a list of fixes or improvements yet
but will update this post as soon as I do…



Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs HTC Desire S – Boot up, Browser, Camera, Screen, Sound, Design, Benchmarks

June 12, 2012

Hi guys, here’s a long video showing you a quick comparison (how does that work?!) of the Galaxy S3 vs my Desire S. I compare the following things: Boot up, Browser, Camera, Screen, Sound, Design, Benchmarks.

Obviously we all know which phone will win but I thought it’d be good to show people a comparison on how well they both perform next to each other…

Enjoy and if you have any questions then please let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them.

If you like the video then you could always press the Like button for me, each time you press it I do a little dance. If you don’t like the video then…um…yeah ok, press the Dislike. Each time you press that one a little bit of me dies inside however… 😦

First proper UK Samsung Galaxy S3 unboxing and first boot

May 30, 2012

No messing around here, this is the first (and best obviously) unboxing video of the UK retail Samsung Galaxy S3.

Galaxy S3 on its way!

May 27, 2012

Well, last night I bit the bullet and ordered up my Galaxy S3.

The deal was too good to pass and I think you’ll agree that for just over £24/month (after cashback and 1 month’s half price rental) I get my hands on the lovely handset for free bundled with 100 minutes, unlimited texts and 1.5GB of Internet.

I plumped for the white version of the phone, not sure why but it just looks ‘newer’ than the blue version to me and all being well it will be with me by this Wednesday 30th May.

Time to start researching spare batteries 🙂

Samsung Galaxy S3 – 300mins/unlimited texts/750MB Internet (unlimited browsing) £26/month

May 24, 2012

This is definitely the best deal I’ve seen so far:

Handset is £19.99 delivered. (T-Mobile network but phone is unlocked to all networks)

Potentially the total over 24 months is £603.49 after cashback if you’re upgrading your contact and you go through Topcashback first.

If you’re going for a new contract you get £30.50 cash back so can get it for £613.49 which, for the number of minutes, texts and Internet if the best on here at the moment.

This is still ridiculously cheap for the amount of minutes, texts and Internet you get. I’m very tempted indeed…

Here’s the link:


Samsung Galaxy S3 chassis made from polycarbonate – not plastic – and is bullet proof – hold on what?

May 22, 2012

Samsung ‘confirmed’ today that the Galaxy S3’s chassis is in fact made from polycarbonate rather than ‘standard’ plastic. This sounded a bit odd to me seeing as polycarbonate is actually plastic itself so I decided to do some research.

Wise Geek has a good description of polycarbonate so here is a quote below:

Polycarbonate is a versatile, tough plastic used for a variety of applications, from bulletproof windows to compact disks (CDs). The main advantage of polycarbonate over other types of plastic is unbeatable strength combined with light weight. While acrylic is 17% stronger than glass, polycarbonate is nearly unbreakable. Bulletproof windows and enclosures as seen inside banks or at drive-throughs are often made of polycarbonate. Add to this the advantage that polycarbonate is just one-third the weight of acrylic, or one-sixth as heavy as glass, and the only drawback is that it is more expensive than either acrylic or glass.

So there we have it. The Galaxy S3 is bullet proof and if you put it in your CD player you’ll be able to play music from it. Or something like that. Basically, the phone is made from a very sturdy plastic which should withstand bumps and knocks better than ‘normal plastic’ phones. I’m still just glad you can take the boomin’ back off it.


Best Samsung Galaxy S3 Prices in the UK

May 20, 2012

OK so here’s the story: I’m currently out of contract with T-Mobile (paying £10/month for 100 minutes, unlimited texts and Internet which, although used to be unlimited (until T-Mobile updated their Internet plans), seems to now be either 250/500MB a month).

This is my ideal contract; it’s cheap, I never go over any of my ‘limits’ and T-Mobile (and the Orange network) have never caused me any major headaches.

Ideally I would like to stick to this cheap contract and just get an upgrade on my phone.

The offer from T-Mobile initially (when I was looking at getting the HTC One X) wasn’t great. I could stick with my current contract and pay £290 towards the handset and then enter a new 24 month contract. OK so it was a brand new phone just out on the market but forking out nearly £300 for, what is essentially a larger version of my Desire S didn’t go down well with me. I decided to call T-Mobile’s bluff ask for my PAC code and see if they could do any better deals but they wouldn’t budge. In all honesty I wasn’t actually planning on leaving T-Mobile but what did they know? How important was my custom?

On the same day I received my PAC code I went into town and had a look in the O2 store at the One X. It was big, it felt chunky and I just couldn’t see myself having it as my phone. Something wasn’t right. Yes I knew the Galaxy S3 was just around the corner but, being an HTC man I could have easily just fallen in love with the handset.

I decided to wait and cancelled the PAC code I had gotten earlier that day.

A few days later I had call from a rather loud and lary lady at T-Mobile’s UK team (the team higher up than the retentions team). She wanted to try and keep me with T-Mobile as she’d seen on my account I’d requested a PAC code a few days prior. I tried to explain that I had cancelled the code and wasn’t going to leave currently but she didn’t seem to listen. She insisted in offering me a much better offer on the One X than I’d had the previous week. I must admit, the new offers were quite good and also tempting:

£12/month for 100mins + 500 texts + 750MB + a booster of my choice + £190 for the handset — total cost over 24 months £478


£17/month for 100mins + 500 texts + 750MB + a booster of my choice + £80 for the handset — total cost over 24 months £488.

I was told I had 10 days to decide and to drop her an e-mail if I wanted to proceed.

I stewed on it for a day or two but no, I was going to hold out and wait to see what Samsung came up with.

Luckily for me the new Galaxy S3 looks lovely. I will be holding out again to see what offers T-Mobile can give me and may well have to do the whole PAC code polava again but hopefully I’ll be able to whittle them down a bit.

I certainly refuse to pay £41/month for 2 years on anything.

So anyway, back to the title of this post. I’m currently creating a spreadsheet which will help me work out which ‘out of the box’ contracts are the best. It’s quite possible one of these or Carphone Warehouse sites will be able to offer me a better deal but currently I’ve just worked out the T-Mobile ‘Joe public’ offers (see below)


I will carry on updating this spreadsheet and posting my results so you too can find a deal that suits you best (because I’m good like that :)).

Enjoy your Sunday!

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